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Helmut Claas-Scholarship


The front seats are taken by promising talents. In a special ceremony, each year the awards are presented to the prize recipients.

Helmut Claas-Scholarship


The front seats are taken by promising talents. In a special ceremony, each year the awards are presented to the prize recipients.

Award presentation.

CLAAS Foundation awards international up-and-coming talents.

Up-and-coming talents of natural science and technology were guests of the CLAAS Foundation in Harsewinkel. The students from Germany, England, the Netherlands, Ireland, Italy, Hungary, Slovak republic and Rumania were presented with the Helmut Claas-Scholarships, bonus prizes and International Student Prize which in total came to a value of 45.000 Euro.

The CLAAS Foundation promotes young talents: Prize winners, Board of Trustees and Jury gather for a photo after the ceremony.

Before the official prize revelations, the young researcher presented their topics and only learned at the very end which prize they had won. Helmut Claas, Chairman of the CLAAS Foundation Board of Trustees personally handed out the certificates and congratulated the prize winners on their achievement.

During lunch, there was time for socializing and establishing new contacts.

Following prizes were awarded:


The Helmut Claas-Scholarships are awarded to students of general engineering and business management.

1. Prize: Florian Többen (25) received the first prize of a total of 7.200 Euro. He studies industrial engineering at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. In his bachelor thesis he dealt with an analysis of the potential for regional energy production from biomass.

2. Prize: 23-year old chemical engineering student Timothy Taylor was awarded for his two-part bachelor thesis on the production of combined heat and power from sugarcane bagasse and the design of a biomass circulating fluidised bed furnace for the production of combined heat and power plant. Timothy received the second prize of 6.000 Euro and is a student of the Aston University in Birmingham.

3. Prize: Oliver Bumann (27) of the University of Hohenheim also tackled a topic in the area of energy production and was presented with the third prize of 4.800 Euro. In his bachelor thesis he investigated how wood chips in a TLUD reactor can be converted into carb.

4. Prize: The fourth prize of a value of 3.600 Euro went to Alexander Ewen (26). He studies agricultural engineering at the University of Hohenheim. He tackled the data processing and privacy protection by using a management software at agricultural contractors.

Bonus prizes:

In addition to the annual scholarships, four bonus prizes were presented coming to a value of 1.500 Euro each. In the category „Resources“ Ariane Voglhuber-Slavinsky from the University of Hohenheim was awarded with a bonus prize. Her project deals with the comparison of chemically activated carbons derived from agricultural and forestal residues.

Paolo Gerardo Bertin from the University of Padua, Italy, received a bonus prize in the category „Innovation“. The topic of his bachelor thesis was real time soil scanning, for automatic optimization of agricultural operations.

Owen Doren did his project at the Institute of Technology in Tralee, Ireland. He gained the bonus prize in the category „Technical Engagement“ for modulating a Trailer Brake System

The bonus prize in the category „Internationality“ was given to Stefan Epping from the University of Applied Sciences Cologne. He developed an ISOBUS network for agricultural tractors.

International Students Prizes:

The International Student Prizes coming to a total of 4.500 Euro per universities went to students of the Banat University of Agricultural Sciences Timisoara (Romania), Budapest University of Technology and Economy (Hungary), Wageningen University (the Netherlands) and Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra (Slovak Republic).

Prize winners from the Banat University are Catalin Almasan Petru, Daniel-Alexandru Rotaru and Andrei Sîrbu Florin.

László Péter Olasz, Flórián Farkas and Martin Jeszenszki from the Budapest University of Technology and Economy were pleased about their prizes, too.

Wageningen University also has winners which are Koen van Boheemen, Maaike Vollering and Daan van der Stelt.

From the Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra the winners are Patrik Kósa, Filip Štefunko und Marián Kišev.

Moreover, there is an internal change within the CLAAS Foundation: After 16 years Mr Uwe Lütkeschümer, director of the CLAAS Foundation passes on his responsibilities to Frank Klüsener. Together with Sylvia Looks, Frank Klüsener will conduct the future CLAAS Foundation’s business.

The directors of the CLAAS Foundation: Sylvia Looks and Frank Klüsener.